Viva Palestina! The Convoy from Dewsbury & Batley

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

So with over 100 vehicles now and £1 million worth of aid, the Viva Palestina convoy is really picking up some momentum now!

The whole convoy will set off from Westminster on Saturday morning, but I know that from the Dewsbury/Batley area there are 5 vans and 1 HGV truck going to Gaza loaded with all sorts of aid and material to help the plight of our brothers and sisters.

Alhumdulillah (all Praise belongs to Allah) I have been extremely fortunate to have been personally involved in helping get the van ready from Savile Town, Dewsbury.  In our van we’ve loaded essentials such as generators and wind up torches (without batteries!) for the Palestinian people who are struggling for consistent electricity throughout Gaza.

There are also pencils, crayons and other stationery for the children of Gaza, who will insha-Allah remember that there is a life for them other than sifting through the rubble – a life of play, a life of enjoyment, just like that of all the children in the world.  And due to reports of the cold season right now, we have packed in warm wear such as hats, socks and other thermal gear for both men and women.

Anyway, just as they were making their last minute preparations, I got a chance to grab a few words with Imran Mamooniat, who is the driver of our van, and asked him a few questions from us here at Hidayahblog:

HB: So how did you find out about this and decide to drive for Viva Palestina?

IM: I just got an e-mail about the convoy, and so I went on to their website and saw that they needed HGV drivers.  As that is what I do by trade, I decide to apply and do my bit to help out – luckily for me I got the gig!

HB: And how do you feel about doing this?

IM: I feel great!  I feel honoured and as though I have been selected by Allah to be a means of providing aid to these people and spread the message of peace throughout the world.  But to be honest, I’m starting to dread it a little because I know what’s coming – I think it’s finally dawned on me now!

HB: Why are you doing this?

IM: Why? So that I can say that I have done something of note in my life.  So my children and grandchildren can look back and see what we must forever do to help human beings in need.  I know that as a Muslim this is the right thing to do, to help people, and I think that even though I am doing only a tiny part, this tiny part is something bigger to those who are being oppressed by Israel – I think I was born to do this.

HB: What difference do you think this will make to the people of Palestine?

IM: Obviously the aid will make a huge difference, but I think that this will make them feel that they are not alone – that the people of the world have not forgotten them and that we feel their suffering, that we care about them and wanna do as much as we can to help them.  And that we are united with them and are against the injustices caused by Israel.

HB: What problems do you think you will encounter on your journey?

IM: Keeping the convoy together, keeping our spirits up and making sure the whole convoy is united.  And then there’s the issue of what’s going to happen on the Raffah crossing in Egypt.  I just hope that when the patrols see the convoy and its size and unity, they will just be over-awed and let us through without any problems.

HB: What about your family?

IM: They are very happy and proud of me and have given me the strength and back up I have needed to prepare for this trip.  It’s actually been my wife that’s been pushing me!!

HB: What message are you hoping to send out?

IM: I think the whole world needs to wake up to the plight of these people – we need to wake up and step up.  I hope that when people see this convoy on the road, it will give hope to the hearts and give us the impetus we need to do something positive.

HB: So what can those of us who are not going on the convoy do at home?

IM: There’s plenty.  We can donate, write to our local MPs, Councillors and also the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary.  Everyone can also pray – it doesn’t matter which religion you are, and also boycott as many Israeli products as you can – remember that every penny we can save from the Israeli companies, means less ammunition they can make which means another life saved.

So there you have it.  The convoys are ready and so are the drivers.  For those of you who can make it, the official launch is on Friday 13 February 2009 at 2pm outside the Dewsbury Town Hall. We hope to see our local MPs for Batley and Dewsbury, Mike Wood and Shahid Malik there and you as well.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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11 Responses to “Viva Palestina! The Convoy from Dewsbury & Batley”

  1. May the almighty help & protect all the people of this convoy & make this journey a sucessfull one and bring you all back safely. Ameen.

    P.s did any of our local MPs turn over up for the sending off.

  2. No Allah, No Peace, Know Allah, Know Peace

  3. keep us updated please

  4. Masha Allah,

    May Allah’s help be with you all the way and I pray that your efforts will give much needed hope and encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Gaza


    (p.s. look forward to an update soon!)

  5. Yes Toseef, I’ve been told that both Mike Wood and Shahid Malik MPs were in attendance and nade speeches

  6. Latest report following the convoy from Morocco

    (copy and paste into WindowsMediaPlayer)

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  8. The latest is that the Convoy will reach Gaza this weekend (Inshallah)…

    Follow the convoy on the official Viva Palestina website, they have pictures and videos of the convoy from various countries.

    Please feel free to add your comments on the whole Viva Palestina campaign on

  9. may allah help the brothers and sisters who are suffering

  10. Please check out this latest article from the BBC website:

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