The Fear Factor

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

In Islam, one of the steps to understanding God and building your relationship with Him is the concept of fearing Him.

Why fear?

Because as we all know, when any human being fears another, they either try to stay away from that person or do what they can to please them so that there is no retribution or punishment.

So, apply that to the fear of Allah – say that one of the reasons is the fear of Allah’s punishment on Qiyyamah (The Day of Resurrection) or being thrown into Jahannam (Hell), then automatically it will lead a person to stay away from doing all those things which are the cause of Allah’s displeasure and try to do as much as possible to please Him and thereby be saved.

Now it doesn’t end there, and this is another reason why I personally think that Islam is truly designed by the Creator for the creation: Human nature being as it is, Allah knew that if He only told us to fear Him then it would go against our nature probably lead to something like all the Muslims being depressed forever!

But no!

We as Muslims believe that Allah is One but that He has many qualities, and although we believe Him to be the One who punishes, we also have the balancing belief that He is the Most Merciful…..

So now you see the beauty of the way of life given to us by Allah through His Messenger, Muhammad (PBUH), who laid down the Islamic principle that true faith lies between fear of Allah’s punishment and hope in Allah’s Mercy.

That if He wants, there is no one quicker than God in the Reckoning but also nobody to stop Him if He wants forgive His slaves.  We just have to live our lives in between the two, by fearing Him and staying away from the wrong, and having faith in His Mercy and the acceptance of our good deeds by continuing to do them day in day out. And surpisingly, it is through this fear that we as slaves of the Almighty, can actually get so close to Him, that He becomes the eyes with which we see, the ears by which we listen, and the hands by which we do (good deeds).  This means that everything in our life will be according to the command of God, according to the practice of the Prophet (PBUH).

And another benefit of fearing Allah was stated by the Prophet (PBUH) himself when he said that whoever fear Allah, Allah will make everything fear him, but he who does not fear Allah, Allah will make everything a source of fear for him….

Just think about that profound statement for a minute – think about our lives today, think about how quickly and easily we get stressed out about each and every little thing in our lives. Think about how easily our hearts are affected by the actions of others, and how restless our hearts have become…..

This is what happens when the creation loses all sense of humility and forgets to fear the Creator, this is what the Prophet (PBUH) was talking about.

As you will hopefully now see, there is peace and tranqullity to be found for the heart which fears God, and so once again, I invite all my readers to sit, reflect upon, and embrace fully the natural way of Islam – a way which corresponds to the nature of man, not against it.

And Allah knows best.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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  1. My dear brother I have just been asked if we will be doing any talks on fear of Allah, what do you think?

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