Rise to the Challenge

Assalaamu-Alaykum -Peace be Upon you

Alhumdulillah (all Praise belongs to Allah) I count myself very lucky indeed to have heard the talk by Moulana Zahidur Rashdi in Zakaria Masjid on Sunday 19 April 2009.

It was billed as the challenges facing the Muslims and was indeed a very refreshing, and thought-provoking talk by the scholar.

He focussed on what those challenges actually were for the Muslim as an individual, as a member of his/her local Muslim community, as a member of the national and international Muslim community and finally, as a member of the community of mankind.

And he concentrated on some of the problems like corruption, but, it was what he said at the end that really interested me and, and to be honest, something which I feel really strongly about.

In identifying possible solutions for the challenges facing Muslims in this day and age, he stated that one thing we should always be on top of is what is happening in the world around us.  This means keeping up to date with current affairs locally, nationally and globally.  And my personal opinion about that is, when we have an understanding about what is happening around us, then we will be able to put our Islam into practice in the best possible way and in doing so, not only counter each new challenge as it comes, but also stay away from those things which may be damaging to our Faith.

The other thing that the respected scholar mentioned was that Allah has given each human being unique qualities, and it is these qualities we have – our strengths – which we should be putting to good use to help not only in spreading Islam but also in helping the whole of humanity in general and being of benefit to the societies we live in.

So there you go, it was a talk by an elder scholar which was really refreshing for me.  Why?  Well because it concentrated mainly on the principles and ideologies which I love about Islam.  Principles such as how Islam encourages its adherents to help humanity and not just the Muslims and ideologies such as the interrelationship between religion and politics and how the animal of politics can be tamed when guided by the hand of Islam.

I just hope that Allah keeps on giving us more of these scholars who are driven by nothing other than helping humanity rather than those who continue to do and say as the people want so that their pockets become deeper and deeper….

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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