Savile Youth Football Club – The Story so far

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

Well after Savile Youth’s recent victory, I thought I would catch up with their Manager/Secretary Ozayr and ask him about what happened in the final.  Instead, he e-mailed me a full history of Savile Youth’s season so far – it wasn’t exactly what I asked for but it’s good enough for us!! Congratulations to all our lads at Savile Youth, both on the pitch and off, and insha-Allah (with the Will of Allah) we hope to see you boys bringing home more trophies next season:

Savile Youth Juniors FC was set up in 2007 and entered into competetive football in the Huddersfield Junior District League, with 4 teams:  in the Under 8, Under 9, Under 10 and Under 11 age groups.  They also have an Under 16 side and an open age team who are in their 2nd and 3rd years of competitive football.

Masha-Allah (whatever Allah wills) the Under 10s were crowned champions after a shaky start to the season, achieving 10-12 wins on the trot.  The Under 9s went undefeated all season having won 20 out of 22 games and scoring approx 100 goals!

The Under 13s have to be congratulated on their fantastic achievement in finishing 3rd in an 11-a-side format, which is a great achievement considering the children had never played within this format and with all the rules of off-side, back-pass, etc.

Such is the phenomemon of SYJFC that it has attracted scouts from Premier League Clubs like Liverpool who were more than willing to take on ‘The Firm’s’ rising stars. The club look to expand next season by accomodating 2 further age groups and build on the support received by the players, staff, supporters, sponsors and the parents.

SYJFC were invited to the Inter-Faith Gala in Blackburn and returned home as champions with the B team being knocked out in the semis. SYJFC’s striker and keeper received ‘Player of the Tournament’ and ‘Keeper of the Tournament’ respectively.

Currently, the Under 16s are second in the table and will face the leaders of the league, and should they win, both teams will fight it out in a play-off to determine the champions and promotion.

Our thanks go out to the crowd at Savile Youth throughout the various age groups.  Their support has been immense and made a real festival and carnival atmosphere at each and every game.

The Savile Youth (open age) team won the Sonder Heating Cup on penalties, after both teams were level at 3 a piece.  It was the first trophy for the team having lost on penalities on 3 previous occasion, they finally put their penalty demons to rest!  They are also competing to be crowned champions of the Spen Valley Premier League, should they win the remainder of the fixtures; a real achievement it would be considering this small club is only in its 3rd season. They have already established a huge fan base and had well over 170 spectators for the final and have regularly attracted large numbers on a Saturday afternoon.  The followers of Savile Youth have been the 12th man and made all the difference in the crunch games so far – especially in the semi and the fina!

Once again Jazakallah to Ozayr for the post – go on Savile Youth!

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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  1. salams sid!
    jazakallah for the exposure of this local sporting phenomenon!

    we have now united with the other teams from savile town and will be presenting a united front!

    all clubs now known as SAVILE TOWN FC!

    w salams (lets hope it unites the community as a whole!)

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