Work Hard, Play Hard and Pray Harder!

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

As I was going to the Masjid (Mosque) to pray Asr yesterday, I met one of my friends from way back.  Quickly walking into the Masjid, I asked him how he was (as you do!), to which he replied with the strangest comment.

He said, ‘Oh you know, work, home, work, home, the same old routine‘ – and that almost stopped me in my tracks had I not been going for prayer.

Have we as Muslims living in Britain reached such a stage already that we class our existence to be worthy of only those things – work and home?  Then I thought that maybe I was being a bit harsh in thinking that, but then I remembered all the times I have wondered when talking to Muslims about their apparent unease in talking or discussing anything to do with propagating Islam, and now I wonder, that is there a growing contingent of Muslims in this country who do not regard themselves bound by the duty of propagating Islam?

Indeed, it may not even be their fault.  I for one was unaware until my early twenties that one of the reasons I am here on God’s green earth is not only to worship Him, but to do as much as I can in calling others to His worship.  Now whether I am fulfilling that duty can definitely be answered in the negative, but when I listen to some people, I really do wonder that is it because they do not know or is it because they do not want to?

If you have read any of my previous posts, then you will know that I believe Islam to be a way of life which is dynamic in every aspect and which goes according to the nature of man.  Allah the Greatest has not told us not to work.  And He has not told us not to look after our families.  But He has told us about how we should work.  And He has told us about the position of a man’s family in respect of His relationship with his Lord.  And even our Prophet (PBUH) showed us how to ‘chill’ as it were – within the framework of Shariah.

But nowhere has Allah said to make work, family or seeking luxuries the purpose of our existence.  To me that goes against the nature of man.  Just look at those who do nothing but work all their lives.  You would think with all that effort, they would be the ones with the most peace and security.  Yet why is it that the man in his villa is needing sleeping tablets whereas the beggar on the street sleeps soundly with his head resting on a brick?

And you would think that if a person ‘had it all’ and led a jetsetting, thrillseeking lifestyle, they would be the happiest and most content people on earth.  So then why the need for the next high?  The bigger trip?  The highest wave?

So here’s what I think – Islam is the greatest of all gifts that our Creator could bestow upon the created.  And for those of us blessed with the ultimate gift, living in Britain is another gift, because it is an opportunity for us to show through our work, play and Islam that we are an asset to society and not people who are consumed by our own greed and intent on cornering their little ‘piece of the pie’.

So work hard, play hard but pray harder – only then will we break free from the shackles of Shaitaan (the Devil) and lead an existence of calm and tranquillity.  And remember, a Muslim is he who desires for others what he desires for himself so we should do what we can by taking part in activities which describe the lesson of humanity taught by Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims and thereby gain the pleasure of Allah.

May Allah give us all the Taufiq (ability) to do the right actions woth the correct intentions.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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