No Country for Romanians

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

Well I’m sure you’ve all heard and read about the Romanian families who have decided to quit Northern Ireland as a direct result of the violent racist attacks they endured over the past couple of weeks.  Yes, it seems, that some of the residents of Northern Ireland think that they are better than those poor Romanians and feel that their self-appointed ’superiority’ gives them an excuse to atatck and belittle these people.

On my part, and I thank Allah for this, I have never understood how and why a person can discriminate towards another purely on the basis that they are from a different place or because their skin tone is different.  It is as if those racist people are saying that it was due to their own ingenuity, skill and effort that they came from a certain place or that they were born that colour because of their choosing.

Well as we all know that is not correct.  We did not have any say where we were born, who we were born to and what colour our skin is – that was decided by He who controls the entire Universe, God Himself.

So then what right does a person have to inflict pain and suffering on another fellow human being when he or she himself is only from that certain place or is that certain colour due to the choosing of Allah like everybody else?  Are we not all of the same flesh, bone and blood?  Do we not all have needs, emotions and desires?  Are we not all human beings??

What does Islam have to say about all of this then?

Well as I explained in one of my earlier posts, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) categorically stated in his Farewell Speech that no Arab is superior to a non-Arab and no non-Arab is superior to an Arab.  No white is superior to a black, and no black is superior to a white, and that the best out of all mankind are those who are righteous in the eyes of Allah.  Furthermore, Allah explains in the Qur’an that He created us from a male and female and from different tribes and nations so that we may recognise each other and that the best are those who are the most pious.

So there really is no need, no need whatsoever, to discriminate against anybody because of their colour, race and Islam even teaches, their creed.  Because at the end of the day, we ARE all human beings, breathing the same air, with the same blood flowing through our veins and wanting and desiring the best for ourselves.

So why don’t we also desire the best for others?  Islam teaches that a true Musliim is he who desires for others what he desires for himself.  So my message to all those people who discriminate is this – what if you were on the other side?  And what if you were part of a minority community being hassled by the host for a crime no greater than being different to them?

And finally, would you want them to treat you as you have treated them?  With bricks and missiles and living in fear, or would you want them to be kind, open, sympathetic and see through the language and customs barrier into the person who really is no different to you?

As the great Ptophet (PBUH) used to say every morning upon awakening, I testify that all men are brothers.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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