Tales from the Highlands!


Tales from the Highlands!

And so it was that the newly formed ‘Dewsbury Mountaineering Club’ (DMC!) left on Saturday morning in an eager mood to try to climb the highest mountain in Britain, Ben Nevis and live to tell the tale!  Alhumdulillah (all Praise belongs to Allah) our journey there and back passed without incident.  The weather was beautiful, the roads were winding and the scenery, well the scenery was just stunning!

We got there just after 6pm (after a couple of stops!) and after settling down and doing our prayers, had a lovely barbecue at the foot of Ben Nevis courtesy of some dangerous disposable barbecues (!) and the perfectly marinated chicken from Hafez Zubair’s mum – jazakallah!

And once we were fed and watered, we started to take in the stunning beauty of the majestic mountains, running streams and the endless valleys created by Almighty Allah.  We appreciated the freshness of the mountain air and the crystal clear water of the mountain streams – subhanallah! (Allah is pure).

We decided to start the climb early on Sunday morning so that we could get home at a decent hour ready to face the next day at work (unfortunately!) so we sleepily set off at around 6:15am.  By 6:45am, after a gruelling first half-hour we were definitely awake and yours truly started to wonder if his knees would hold out till the end!

The climb up and down afforded breathtaking views of the neighbouring glens not to mention one or two incidents which could only be attributed to the DMC!  First of all there was the hopeless shortcut attempt by Hafez Imran and Hafez Suheal – I say hopeless because they thought it would cut an hour off their time to the top when actually, they had to turn off and re-join us on the correct route!  And then secondly, and even more hilariously, was my attempt to demonstrate my golf swing which went completely wrong and left Hafez Zubair without half of his hiking stick!!

Once again I found myself marvelling at the beauty of the creation of Allah with various Ayaats (verses) of the Qur’an and questions going through my head.  Just imagine, I thought to myself, how big, heavy, immovable and powerful these enormous mountains were, yet Allah says in the Qur’an that even they could not vouchsafe the power of the Qur’an, but the heart of the weak human being, who is made of flesh that will disintegrate and bones that will break, can store the Qur’an and thereby surpass all others in gaining that closeness to Him.  Allahu Akber (Allah is the Greatest).

Unfortunately we were enveloped in cloud when we got to the top so visibility was minimal.  We had a quick snack of our wise Zakir mama’s chicken sandwiches and then we set off on our way down.  By around 3pm we were all back at base camp and by 11pm we were all back home!

It took us 7 hours to drive to Fort William and around the same time coming back.  We took a lazy 3 hours and 45 minutes to get to the top but only 1 hour and 40 minutes for the two mountain foxes Hafez Zubair and myself to get down.

So alhumdulillah, it was a fantastic trip and one which I thoroughly enjoyed.  All that remains now is for me to thank everyone who came along and made it enjoyable, not to mention the ladies back at home who prepared every mouth-watering thing that was consumed on and off the mountain – jazakallah khair.

Check out the updated slideshow at the bottom right area of this page and you’ll be able to see the beauty of the mountains, the lovely barbecued chicken and kebabs and not forgetting the brave members of the DMC!!

The DMC! were:

Zakir Mama
Hafez Imran
Hafez Suheal
Hafez Zubair


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