Ramadhan has Landed!

Assalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

So it looks like we’ve all started the blessed month of Ramadhan together alhumdulillah (all Praise belongs to Allah) and what a nice change that is!

And insha-Allah (with the Will of Allah) it will once again be the month when Allah’s special mercy descends upon the Earth and we find the men filling up the Mosques and the women spending more time in worship in the home.

Yes it is the month of Qur’an.  It is the month when the most authentic Book known to man was revealed to the best person that will ever walk the earth, Muhammad (PBUH).  And through the Qur’an, the Rope of Allah, we can get so close to Him…

Alhumdulillah (all Praise belongs to Allah), we all find in Ramadhan when we open the Qur’an that special peace and solace that is without equal in this world.  And we find ourselves thinking, ‘why have I not been reading more regularly throughout the year?’ together with, ‘insha-Allah I’m going to continue this after Ramadhan…’

And the answer to the question is something we desperately need to find because it is true, throughout Ramadhan the Mosques are buzzing with the beautiful hum of recitation of the Qur’an but as soon as Ramadhan ends, the buzzing stops and the Mosques become empty again.

Yes it is true, with the combination of Allah’s mercy, the chaining up of the Shayateen (Devils) and the spirituality gained by fasting, it is easier to read the Qur’an and carry out more good deeds than throughout the rest of the year.  So how about this – let’s make this month of Ramadhan the platform, the springboard for the year ahead and use it as a means of relaunching our lives and bring Islam into our lives throughout the year – throughout our lives.

Let’s read the Qur’an everyday, let’s pray our 5 daily prayers everyday, let’s bring the qualities of piety, humility, sincerity and good character into our lives everyday.

And insha-Allah, with this intention and with the right prayers, Allah WILL take us there because remember, He always listens to what we have to say and ask – if only we asked Him….!

Anyway, Ramadhan mubarak to all my readers – may Allah give us all the Taufiq (ability) to make the most of this truly blessed month and may Allah make the rest of our year, and indeed, the rest of our lives just as good, if not better.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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