Hayatus Sahaba – The Lives of the Sahaba – The Evening Sessions at Zakaria Masjid

507242_ancient_gold_camel.jpgAssalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

Alhumdulillah (all Praise belongs to Allah) I’ve got to be one of the luckiest people in the world – or at least in West Yorkshire!

You see, I say this because of the fact that Sheikh Yakub Qasmi has once again re-started his evening discourses reading and elucidating upon the seminal work by Hazrat Sheikh Moulana Mohammed Yusuf Khandlawi (RA), Hayatus Sahaba or Lives of the Sahaba at Zakaria Masjid.

Now for a Muslim, the lives of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are in themselves a deep ocean of knowledge, as these were the people who had lived with the Prophet (PBUH), and had been given the glad tidings of Paradise by him due to the fact that they practised what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told them to.

And through general consensus of opinion amongst the Scholars, it is a widely held and accepted opinion that whatever the Sahaba practised actually became tenets of Islam.  Therefore, to have access to authentic accounts of their lives is an invaluable source for any Muslim, as it is a direct glimpse of life at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and also immediately after his demise, into the glorious days of the Khulafaa-e-Raashideen - the Rightly Guided Caliphs.

So this book Hayatus Sahaba, which has been acclaimed all over the Islamic world since its publication provides us with that priceless knowledge.  A knowledge which tells Muslims today and those to come, how to live upon the earth in the fair, just and righteous manner of the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH).

At the moment, I am currently being amazed yet again by the piety, the fear of God and the unrelenting sense of duty which was the trademark of the great Umar bin Khattab, (RA) – the second of the four Rightly Guided Caliphs.  Here was the man who, through the Grace of Allah, had inflicted consecutive crushing defeats upon the mighty Persian and Byzantine empires of the day and had filled Medina with the wealth of Chosroes, yet, when he was on his deathbed, one of the first matters he had set out to be concluded was his personal debt, which had built up due to his selfless spending on the poor and needy of Medina.

Here was the man about whom the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had once remarked that if Umar (RA) walked down any street, then the Devil himself would turn and run away, but on his deathbed he is saying to his son Abdullah out of pure fear of God, that he does not have the nerve to face Allah…..

I sat there listening to this, my mind blown to bits and thought that truly, these people were of a different mettle, truly these people were of a calibre and a standard of such a high level, that we cannot even begin to conceive thinking of.

And even during his life, during the conquests which ousted the Romans and Persians and which spread the Islamic empire, just look at the sense of fair play and justice of the Leader of the Believers, Umar (RA); When the Muslim army decided to quit Hems before the Battle of Yarmuk, the Muslims returned all the tribute to the citizens from whom it had been collected as they could no longer provide protection to the citizens there – needless to say the local populace was extremely impressed by this unheard act of fair play!

Never mind that, have we ever heard of a leader of modern times spend so much money out of his own pocket on the poor and needy that he actually goes into a little debt?  And whilst it is a well known fact that the Islamic state saw more riches during Umar (RA)’s reign than in any other, we must also remember that the same leader had barely enough money to clothe himself and indeed, one could see as many as 12 patches on the clothes he wore, even one of leather as he could not find enough cloth to cover all of them.

So this is what I have been enjoying and pondering over these last couple of nights.  As ever, I am thunderstruck by the way these supersonic personalities of Islam lived their lives – they were so humble, so sincere, they had so much fear of Allah in their lives – all qualities which I am dreadfully lacking…..

But what gives these discourses their sparkle is the accuracy of Hayatus Sahaba and the in-depth elucidation by the Sheikh who has brought the demise of Umar (RA) and its associated sadness ‘alive’ before my very eyes as it were.  I cannot stress enough how much we are missing if we do not attend these discourses, especially those fortunate enough to live nearby.

And Allah knows best.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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9 Responses to “Hayatus Sahaba – The Lives of the Sahaba – The Evening Sessions at Zakaria Masjid”

  1. Probably some of the best discourses on Hayatus Sahabah I have ever heard. The level of commentary that Maulana has been giving is unbeliveable. The lessons that Maulana derives from the narrations, i dont think 99% of us would ever think of.

    Only when the Maulana is no more will we realise what a great treasure we have lost.

    May Allah give us the taufeek to take benefit from these discourses before it is too late.

  2. “abu anonymous” – what have we learnt from these discourses when we resort to names as pathetic, pretencious and meaningless as this! how many sahabah called themselves “abu anoymous” NONE! Is your child anonymous to you?? May allah forgive us all for what we have become ameen!!!!!!!!!!!! PS dont take it personally I know whoever you may be for you chose to hide behind anonymity you meant nothing improper by it – we sadly live in an age when every muslim scholar is a SHEIKH AND every muslim father a “ABU” – Alas my complaint is only to Allah almighty for the evil of my own sins which wreaks havoc in the conduct of others!!!!!!

  3. Oi! Leave Abu alone! The fact that he has decided to cover his identity is his decision. This has no bearing on the validity of the comments he has made. Even the sahabah in different situations covered their identity as well.

    Go read Hayatus Sahabah!!

  4. Salam and duas, I had hoped that my comment would engender mature debate! If you had read my reponse with the care that you claim to have read HAYATUS SAHABAH you will have seen that I expressely stated that it was not a personal criticism of the brother concerned. It is a wider point about how we muslims present ourselves. We have by allah’s grace wonderful muslim names. I know not why we do not choose to use them. To attach labels to those names does little to enhance our profile and does a good deal more to harm the profile of ISLAM and MUSLIMS… yes you are right I have not read the HAYATUS SAHABAH in the way in which you lay claim… If you have then you will know that those whom allah almighty chose and blessed to be in the company of his beloved and final prophet did not care much for wordly titles … they prefered that their profile before allah almighty was enhanced and they were always prepared to debase themselves in front of fellow mortals… I cannot speak for you for but I my entire existence is seeped in sin. I do not need to hide behind some name for allah knows who I am and the sins I perpetrate. The only good thing to come out of this exchange is that you referred to me in a disparaging TONE and called me OI!!! for that I thank you for may be allah in his mercy will add 1 good deed in my account for that… As for you brother and I bear you no ill will at all at least have the courage to say who you are rather than like others before U hiding behind the use of a the very type of name “Akhi ibn Adam” that I was writing about…

    Bro Siddique – what is the purpose of this blog of yours – It seems to me it has outlived its usefulness. I believe that many of the contributors are associates of yours. If instead of geunine mature and honest debate on issues that matter it leads correspondents to abuse one another then is it not time to call it day and ALLAH ALMIGHTY KNOWS BEST


    Allah hafez ELYAS.

  5. No it has not outlived its usefulness at all. I am not an associate of anyone on this blog but I truly enjoy reading alot of the stuff on here.

    JazakAllah brother Elyas for reminding us all of the way in which we should display ourselves and the mannerisms of talking to one another.

    This blog truly recharges my Imaan batteries at times.

  6. Assalaamu-Alaykum

    Well first of all, let me say jazakallah to everyone for taking the time to read this blog and leave their valuable comments. Insha-Allah we will all benefit from this and from any other Deeni activity that we do, so may Allah give us the ability to continue to participate in such activities. Ameen.

    Now going back to the recent comments made by my esteemed readers, I have always said that this blog is for everybody, be they Muslim or non-Muslim. Furthermore, whether or not they create the ‘mature and honest debate’ that brother Elyas is talking about, I will, insha-Allah continue this and pray that Allah gives me the strength and Taufiq to do so for the rest of my life.

    When we first set up the blog, it was with the intention of first pleasing Allah, and also to be a means of spreading the truth about Islam and of providing an insight into Muslim life in Britain. A scholar once remarked, ’show people the beauty of Islam’ and this is exactly what I and my co-writers try to do in each post that we write – we want to show to people the beauty of this way of life that has attracted us so much and at the same time also use it as a tool for our own, personal advancement in religious knowledge and fervour.

    So please, my dear readers, continue with the comments but lets, through our comments as well, show people the beauty of Islam and not get drawn into petty arguments over trifles and instead concentrate on how we can spread the message that our Prophet (PBUH) came with.


  7. Assalamu wa alaikum

    Is anybody going to be recording these sessions and putting them on the internet??


  8. Are there any recordings available of these lessons?

  9. as-salam-alaykum

    i am very eager to know if any of the brothers would kindly make the recordings of these lectures publicly available for the ummah. I would be more than happy to recompense you for any temporal and material costs you may incur.

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