Islam and Climate Change – Blog Action Day 2009 Special

1013682_people_seriesAssalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

To realise the Greatness of Allah we really don’t have to look far, time and time we hear the Scholars say to see Allah’s Greatness look at the sun, the sky, the trees, his animals and you will see Allah’s Greatness.  You see, Allah has created such a beautiful world for us human beings to live in. A world where the Earth provides food for us, not only from the soil but from the sea too. The millions of types of food and fish we have  – absolutely amazing!!

As we know on the Day of Judgment when Allah will question us on how we spent our health, wealth and time, we will also be asked how did you use the Nemahs (blessings)  that were provided for us…..?

You see global warming, climate change are not just a fancy words it is in fact very true. As Muslims, it is our duty that we use what Allah has provided for us in the way He intended us to as shown by the great Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH). The Prophet (PBUH) showed mercy not only to mankind but for all of Allah’s creations. Many times we hear from Scholars and talks that the trees praise Allah, the fish praise Allah, indeed everything in this world, the whole of Creation praises Him. But if we as Muslims don’t help protect Allah’s creation then have we really followed the Prophet (PBUH)’s teachings and shown mercy to Allah’s creation?

Simple things like re-using handbags, recycling – very very small things are helping protect Allah’s creation. But the question I ask is as we watch Allah’s beutiful creation get harmed, have we as Muslims have really done our bit to help -  have we shed a tear, or even prayed to Allah to help protect his creation….?

Our hearts get heavy when we hear of people dying and being harmed but should we not feel the same sorrow and sadness as we see the very environment around us including the animals, being destroyed by our very hands?

So let us pray to Allah that His creation is saved from harm and let us do our bit.  And although this post is one of millions done by bloggers all over the world about climate change on Blog Action Day 2009, let’s really take the message on board and do something positive for our planet and thanking Allah by doing something everyday to preserve it.

And Allah knows best.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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  1. Climate Change is really scary, now we have super typhoons and a lot of flooding going on some countries..:;*

  2. Climate Change really causes the formation of bigger tornadoes and bigger typhoons too’”:

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