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1071784_hand_in_handAssalaamu-Alaykum – Peace be Upon you

So the BNP appeared recently on Question Time on the BBC – and as well as his outlandish and disgusting theories and views of which we are more aware of than he thinks, the whole country is also now in uproar debating whether or not Nick Griffin should have been allowed on in the first place.

But enough of that…..

Enough of the hate-mongering BNP and let’s ask ourselves, what does Islam say about racism and the race question in general?  Does Islam say that Muslims of a certain race are better than others?  Are the Arab Muslims better than the Asian Muslims?  And what about non-Muslim people – just because they are not Muslims does that make them automatically inferior – should they even (Allah forbid) be killed as a result of their disbelief?

I’m sure I’ve talked about this before, but never mind, there’s never anything wrong with going over our past homework to make sure the lesson is positively drilled in!!

In  his definitive Farewell Speech on the Day of Arafat on his Farewell Hajj, the great Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH) emphatically stated that no Arab is superior to a non-Arab and no non-Arab is superior to an Arab; no white is superior to a black and no black is superior to a white – and that the best amongst us are those who are the most righteous, the most pious.

Indeed, Allah Himself has stated in His Book, the Holy Qur’an:

O mankind!  We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another.  Verily, the most honorouble of you with Allah is that Believer who has Taqwa (piety).  Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.

Quran [49:13]

Just by looking at the aforemntioned Hadith and verse from the Quran it is plain to see that the way of life of Islam has broken down all barriers of colour, race and creed and instead has placed the mantle of superiority on he/she who is the most righteous in conduct.

Obviously Islam teaches that it is the only, true way of life, however, it does not under any circumstances force itself upon anyone – indeed, the Quranic verse states that there is ‘no compulsion in religion’.   As I mentioned before, it is not merely a religion, but a way of life and therefore, whoever accepts Islam does so out his/her own free will.  And that is why the people who do accept Islam, the Muslims, are taught to respect the people of other faiths as well.

The man whom Allah describes as the Mercy to the Worlds, Muhammad (PBUH), himself propagated the teaching that people, irrespective of colour, race or creed, should all be respected, not just the Muslims.  His teachings go so far as to say that even during times of extremeties, like when war is being waged, if the Muslims come across any place of worship belonging to people of other faiths, then they should not be destroyed and the worshippers therein should be left unharmed.

This to me, is just one of the vast plethora of reasons why I regard Islam as not just a teaching for a particular time and for a particular people, but for the rest of time and for all humanity – it is so simple, so clear cut, and overflowing with common sense!

It teaches people to worship One God, to fulfil our rights towards Him but not for a second forgetting that we have rights towards other people and that we should do everything in our power to fulfil those too.

So please, Question Time is over, the BNP have had their day in the sun.  Therefore, let’s not ask those hate-mongering, inciteful so-and-so’s what they think and divide humanity, but ask the right questions to the right people and unite humanity.

And Allah knows best.

Ma’as-salaam – With Peace

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