About Us

The blog has been put together by a group of friends living in Dewsbury, UK. As well as giving regular updates on the newly constructed Masid -Al Hidayah, the blog aims to inform readers, both Muslim and non- Muslims alike about the correct version of Islam – not the one being flouted by the media in the light of current events.

It aims to dispel the myths and provide an objective view of life in Muslim Britain as seen by British Muslims who are proud of their country and proud of their Islam.  The posts themselves are written by young Muslims working in the professional sector, and through our posts, we aim to stimulate an awareness in humanity to overlook each other’s faults so that we can look forward to building a better society – the society of mankind.

The mosque is an amazing blessing and has plans to extend the community it serves via a number of initiatives which include both Muslims and those of other faith groups. This blog will report our progress and Insh-Allah (with the Will of Allah), allow other Muslims around the world to show what our religion is all about.

If you would like to visit our mosque please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Definition of Hidayah:

(Arabic: هداية) in the islamic context, it means guidance and leadership as given by Allah. It can also refer to guidance from the Qur’an and according to the Sunnah. It is also the name of a famous Hanafi juridical work by Burhan-ud-din Ali ben Abu Bakr al-Marghilani (d. AD 1197) which is considered widely authoritative as a guide to Fiqh amongst Muslims in Central Asia, Afghanistan and India, and is the basis for much Anglo-Muhammadan Law in India and Pakistan.

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